THE AMERICAN PLAYBOOK is a new podcast from the HBMG Foundation, showcasing some of the most exciting voices in contemporary theater. The podcast features live recordings of new plays, beautifully read aloud by professional actors, along with special events and exclusive interviews with the playwrights.

Season One will be launching in early 2018, with an incredible lineup of new episodes.

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Podcast Lineup

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If you have a new play, a theater program, or simply a love of the medium, we'd like to hear from you you.

THE AMERICAN PLAYBOOK is sponsored by Trinity Street Players, First Austin, Chicago Dramatists, the Bay Area Playwrights Foundation, Breath of Fire, The Broadwater Theater, Son of Semele Theater, Jennie Webb and Jim Fowler, Cathy Earnest, Rose and Andy Bystrom, and Uma Incrocci and Christian Pederson.

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We do this because we believe in the importance of creativity and innovation in our society. Writers are the storytellers of our people and we need your help and support. We can’t do it alone.